Classic Weller is devoted to the Weller electrical products, especially those from 1945 to 1970 when the company was located in Easton, PA and owned by its founder, Carl Weller.

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  1. Keith says:

    Do you have any idea where I can find replacement handles for my Weller D440 soldering gun?
    I’ve had it since new in 1970 and is still working perfectly, though with now broken handles.

    Thanks much in advance.

  2. beah teah says:

    can you give me any idea,of where to buy a Weller #WCC 103 sensor for the WCC 100 iron?And any other remaining parts?Or is it just hopeless?thanx

  3. Dave Melloy says:

    Mr GB, I am sorry to contact you this way but I remember reading some of your great replies to Weller related issues on other sites. I am in the UK and it seems to me you would be the most experienced person to help me with an answer to a ‘simple’ question.
    Which is: Is it possible to open the MT1501 soldering iron?
    I contacted the main supplier here and got the usual bumph that a replacement was best!
    The problem I have is that the cord has broken right next to the handle itself and cannot be ‘joined’. Your answer would be appreciated….your silence understandable. Thank you, Dave.

    • Greg says:

      Dave –
      Weller’s European Designs & mfg. are different that North America, due to different Electrical Voltages & UK/EU Regulations (UL/CSA versus UK/EU). Weller had a separate factory (Weller Electric Limited) in Horsham, Sussex (Redfin Way) during the 1960s.

      Highly suggest you contact the Weller Germany office, which is current Global Design Center.
      The North American Weller Repair Center has to source its Repair Parts from Germany or Mexican factory, since the USA production (Carolinas) ended in 2002 with RoHS regulations and relocation of factory to Mexico.
      In the past few years, Weller Europe opened a Chinese factory.

    • Greg says:

      Dave –
      I never worked with the MT1500 Microtouch Soldering Station.
      That specific solder station was Discontinued over a decade ago.
      SOME Distributors may still have Weller MT1501 Replacement Iron

      I suggest that you contact Weller UK or Germany (Design HQ) for MT1500 Repair Parts/Service.

  4. Chris Heymer says:

    Are you looking for help? I’m an electronics technician.

    • Greg says:

      Weller has dropped support (and long-term parts production) for numerous soldering products over the past 24 months.
      This reflects changes by Apex Tools & German product design management.

      For example, sun-setting the 50-year TCP series, ending EC-1201A sales,
      and most products before RoHS (2003) / 20th Century.
      In addition, the Manager of the Repair/Service Center and another colleague retired in 2020 (75+ years of product experience Gone).

      • John says:

        By any chance do you know what station to use with a TCP 24 iron (24v 50w)? I would like to use DIL 16WG and DIL E 24 tips for through hole DIP removal and they work with this iron. I googled but the info that is available is not clear. Or if you know if these tips are compatible with other irons besides the TCP S, 12, 24 I would be curious to know which ones.

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