Weller Soldering 1977 Catalog

Seven years after Copper Industries (Houston, TX) purchased Weller Electric Manufacturing from Carl Weller they published their November 1977 Product Catalog #600.


The Weller WTCP and WTCPL were discontinued in 1976, except for some late military orders.  I repaired a US Navy surplus WTCP station with a 1977 ink stamp inside TCP-1 iron.  The 1977 catalog shows the the WTCPN model (replacing the WTCPL model).  This model would be in production for 5 years (1981), when it would replaced with the WTCP series model (same form factor) that featured many changes.

* New TC-201 soldering iron.  Plastic molded blue handle, black heater insulator, plug-in heater (EC-234), updated 3-pin iron connector (with twist lock).

* Power illuminated rocker switch changed from Carling TLG-Series Mid-Sized Tippette snap-in rocker switch https://www.carlingtech.com/sites/default/files/documents/TLG-Series_Details_%26_COS.pdf

to the Carling LRA-Series Curvette illuminated rocker switch.  https://www.carlingtech.com/sites/default/files/documents/LRA-Series_Details_%26_COS_0.pdf

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Weller Updates Repair Support

Contact our Repair Helpline

In 2023, Weller Tools has updated their Technical Support, Service, and Repairs

Weller products are made of the highest quality. However, should a defect occur or service become necessary, please contact us:

Phone: 866.498.0484

e-Mail: weller-na@weller-tools.com

CONTACT FORMS on Weller North American web site:





Weller will frequently use their Product Distributors for receiving/shipping damaged or defective Weller soldering tools. SO, your Local or Regional Weller Dealer is a Key Contact.

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How to use a Soldering Tip Activator

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New Weller WT series brochure

Weller has a new product brochure for its WT-series of Soldering stations, after adding the WT2M model earlier this year.

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Weller WSR Safety Rest

Weller Wet and Dry Cleaning WSR Safety Rest

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Weller Repairs – North America

Weller provides repair service (warranty and non-warranty) for their products.  I use this service for Calibration of Weller WCM1 as well as Weller repairs, when parts are unavailable (and Weller repair service is cheaper than eBay parts).

Here are the latest contacts (Phone / Web Mail) that have, as of March 28, 2022
Weller: Product Specialist/CSR – Toll Free: 866-498-0484
Weller Web Mail: weller-na@weller-tools.com
NEW: Weller Website: http://www.weller-toolsus.com

Weller Professional Tools Division ; Repair Department ; P.O. Box 728
1000 Lufkin Road
Apex, NC 27539

Weller Repair Center Pricing Policy 2011

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Solder & Flux

Proper Techniques, Materials & Tools

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Weller WT Series

Weller WT series (Weller Technology) is now two years old.

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Ten Commandments of Soldering (Weller’s version)

I. Thou shall not remove tip when soldering iron is powered “on.” Doing so can cause heating element to rise up to approximately 1300°F, resulting in thermal shock and reduced heater life.

II. Thou shall maintain a damp iron sponge, preferably with de-ionized water. A drenched, as opposed to damp, sponge will bring the temperature of the tip down too drastically, causing thermal shock and reduced tip life. For lead-free solder, a dry cleaner method is recommended.

III. Thou shall not disconnect soldering iron from base unit when powered “on.” Disconnecting or reconnecting the soldering tool from the base unit while powered on may cause a short between non-compatible pins, resulting in damage to the base unit or pencil.

IV. Thou shall maintain a coating of solder on working area of soldering iron tip. Doing so protects the tip from oxidation.

V. Thou shall never drop soldering iron while heated. Dropping the soldering tool while heated may cause thermal / mechanical shock to the heater, sensor, or tip (fractured plating).

VI. Thou shall not throw soldering iron into soldering tool stand. This will have the same effect as Commandment V.

VII. Thou shall never use soldering iron as a crowbar or pry tool. Doing so could chip or pit finish on tip, rendering it useless.

VIII. Thou shall not use sharp or serrated objects to remove tip from soldering iron. This will have the same effect as Commandment VII.

IX. Honor thy “KGB” (Known Good Base). Do not plug a non-working soldering iron into a KGB. This could cause damage to the base.

X. Thou shall turn the station down to lowest setting or use pre-programed set-back when not in use. Turning the station down during non-use periods will prevent severe thermal cycling of the tool. However, tools that are not being used for extended periods of time should be turned off.

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Introducing the Weller WT series

In May 2016, Weller Europe introduced its new WT series on conduction (iron) and convection (hot-air) soldering systems.

All-Spec carries the new Weller WT generation stations.

Weller WT1 Solder Station

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Entry-Level Weller Irons & Stations (2015)

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