Weller WCC100 Station

Weller discontinued production of the WCC100 soldering station in 1999.  The WCC100 soldering station uses the popular “ET” series soldering tips, which are used on other Weller soldering stations (EC series, WES51, WESD51).

Weller WCC100 Replacement Part Numbers

  • WCC101 – Replacement Iron w/ETA tip
  • WCC102 – Replacement Heater (120 V)
  • WCC103 – Temperature Sensor w/Spring
  • WCC104 – Sponge
  • WCC105 – Spring and Funnel Assembly
  • WCC106 – Control Board
  • WCC108 – Weller Barrel Nut
  • SW120 – Illuminated Rocker Switch (Carling LRA series)
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8 Responses to Weller WCC100 Station

  1. Phillip Pond says:

    I currently have a Weller WCC100 that I purchased a good many years ago and it has served me well. However, I recently went to use it and the tip would not heat up at all.
    I’m guessing that the heating element has failed and with reference to your list, the WCC102 is what I need. Do you still offer this part or would I be better off purchasing a new soldering station. Besides the standard chisel tip, I also need an iron that can accommodate a tip for surface mount components. What model do you offer that is the equivalent replacement for the WCC100? Many thanks for your assistance with this matter.

    • Greg says:

      Phillip –
      All my notes on WCC100 series (BLUE Color) are posted here and at Boat Anchor Manual Archive (BAMA).
      Weller WCC-100 Tech Sheet
      PARTS ? : eBay and older electronics distributors/warehouses are best sources.
      For example, the University of Illinois Engineering Labs had spare parts for WCC100 student lab equipment. These parts (and gov’t stockpiles) will eventually appear as surplus.
      WCC-100 Insights
      The WLC100 (ORANGE Color) is still current Weller production, parts readily available. The WLC100 is a completely DIFFERENT design (OEM Lamp dimmer is adjustable control).
      WLC-100 Tech Sheet
      This is NOT True temperature control, as Carl Weller himself noted in his U.S. Patent applications 60 years ago.

    • Old Man says:

      I also have a WCC100 that I have enjoyed through the years. Mine also died, not heating. I recently noticed that both the electrolytic capacitors on the board had leaked. The two electrolytic capacitors are surface-mount parts in metal cans, having values of 47 microfarads and 2.2 microfarads. Rather than ordering exact replacements, I replaced each with like-valued capacitors I had on hand. The capacitors I installed had leads and were larger than the original capacitors. There is sufficient room on the board to do this. The replacement capacitors should be rated for at least 16 volts. If you do this, be sure the replacements are installed with the same polarity as that of the ones removed. This repair did the trick, and the soldering iron is functioning again. (Note: Some electrolytic capacitors made in that era became notorious for failing. Thus, I suspect quite a few of the failed WCC100 irons may have this problem.)

  2. Wesley Long says:

    Where can I get the WCC101

  3. Noel says:


    I have a WCC100 which is missing the barrel nut. Does anyone know if this part is available, or if the BA60 is a suitable replacement?


    • Greg says:

      The Barrel Nut for the Weller WCC100 station (blue molded station) is WCC108. The BA60 barrel nut is TOO Narrow (Inside Diameter).
      The Part numbers are LISTED ABOVE in this Entry.

      These have appeared on eBay, recently.

      Since the WCC100 station was discontinued at millennium (2000),
      Parts for this station are only available from Weller Parts (Apex, NC)

      Weller Repair Center & Parts
      Toll Free: 800-476-3030
      Fax: 919-387-2640
      Weller Repair Center
      1000 Lufkin Road
      Apex, NC 27539

      OR Old Stock at Electronics/Electrical Distributors.

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