Disassembly of Weller iron handle

Weller North America standardized on the EC232 / TC218 style handle for many of its soldering irons in the early 1980s. This handle has been used for a variety of soldering irons and stations by Weller for the past 25 years. The design features a black heater insulator that permits the usage of plug-in heaters (EC234) as well as wired heaters (WCC102, HE40); and a cord strain relief design for 3 and 5-wire power cords (24 VAC or 120 VAC line voltage) Weller uses this handle design for the EC1201A (EC232); the TC201T (TC218); WCC101 (EC232); and SPG40 (orange colored) soldering irons.

Instructions for disassembly of Weller iron handles

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One Response to Disassembly of Weller iron handle

  1. Pete Barth W6LAW says:

    Thanks lots for this.
    I can usually figure how to take apart anything.
    I didn’t want to damage the element, sensor or cord.
    BUT after trying for a few hours I was ready to do the last ditch solution,
    IE throwing it against the wall….. (not).
    You saved me lots of gnashing my teeth.
    Now to look for heater continuity and sensor resistance.
    Nifty circuit board inside the WCC 100. (IC and all)

    Will probably find parts on eBay or Amazon.

    Many many thanks.

    I use only old iron stations that were to be thrown out at work.
    Probably have 8 or 10. A few work!!

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