Weller Repairs – North America

Weller provides repair service (warranty and non-warranty) for their products.  I use this service for Calibration of Weller WCM1 as well as Weller repairs, when parts are unavailable (and Weller repair service is cheaper than eBay parts).

Weller / Apex Tool
Repair Department
P.O. Box 728
Apex, NC 27502-0728
1000 Lufkin Road
Apex, NC 27539
Phone: (800) 476-3030 Ext. 1
Fax: (919) 387-2640

Weller Repair Center Pricing Policy 2011

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15 Responses to Weller Repairs – North America

  1. Tony LaMastra says:

    I have a Weller Pro 260/200 W soldering gun that has been erratic in heating. Do you fix these?

    • Greg says:

      Contact Weller Service & Repairs in Apex, NC.
      Loose tips will cause that same issue.


    • Greg says:


      Apex Tool Group
      1000 Lufkin Road Apex, NC 27539
      Fax: (919) 387-2614

      North American Customer Service
      Canada: (866) 691-6212
      Hardware: (800) 548-8883
      Industrial – East: (866) 907-9706
      Industrial – West: (866) 907-9716
      Weller Technical Service: (866) 498-0484

  2. John Schiller says:

    Hello i have 2 Weller Pyropens’s and I cannot get them to light . I live in Venezuela but I purchased these in Australia. They invaluable tools so I wanted to know what cost is involved in getting them repaired . I also have 2 weller controlled output soldering irons
    the power units are fine I just need the iron with cable on one as it was stolen and the other I have no tip left and cannot get the old tip out because of corrosion.

  3. Jason Flores says:

    Hello, I purchased a Weller soldering iron 3 weeks ago from Fry’s electronics. It no longer heat but the lights come on. I threw away the receipt because I figured I would not have a problem with the product. Will Weller still cover repair or replacement? Thank you.

    • Greg says:

      Work with Fry’s to resolve.
      IF you paid with Credit or Debit Card … those records are good for Fry’s resolution.

      Weller Repair in Apex, NC would require receipt for Warranty Service, otherwise you pay $ for repairs.

  4. Courtney Vaughan says:

    I purchased a Weller WE1010NA and it stopped heating in the middle of using it. I have replaced the tip, swapped out the power cord, left it unplugged overnight, tried holding down buttons to reset it, and checked the connector to the iron. Nothing has worked and it won’t heat past about 90-110F. I have adjusted every setting possible. I have my receipt and it was purchased in Feb 2019. Please can someone contact me about getting this warranty item resolved? I registered it with Weller when I purchased it using the instructions on the warranty card that came in the box, but the Weller website is absolutely useless. Every time I try to send a message, it just gives an error. It says “register your product and get access to support, warranty….” but nowhere on the website will it let you submit any warranty information. I’m frustrated and needed to use this ASAP and have always trusted Weller and bragged about how much better they are. Please help?

    • Greg says:

      USE your Smartphone / Mobile Telephone and
      CALL Weller Repair Department (it’s Toll Free)
      Weller / Apex Tool
      Repair Department
      P.O. Box 728
      Apex, NC 27502-0728
      1000 Lufkin Road
      Apex, NC 27539
      Phone: (800) 476-3030 Ext. 1

  5. Ernie says:

    Hi, I have a Weller WES51 soldering station that has quit working (the magnet pencil has no effect), do you still repair them? If so how much?
    Thanks Ernie

  6. Magarity Kerns says:

    The power switch in my W-TCP-L has broken. Flipping it on was like sticking a finger in a socket. Opening up the base shows the switch is soldered to the wires, which begs the question, how does one solder on a new switch without a soldering iron?

  7. MARK FUNK says:


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