Weller Soldering 1977 Catalog

Seven years after Copper Industries (Houston, TX) purchased Weller Electric Manufacturing from Carl Weller they published their November 1977 Product Catalog #600.


The Weller WTCP and WTCPL were discontinued in 1976, except for some late military orders.  I repaired a US Navy surplus WTCP station with a 1977 ink stamp inside TCP-1 iron.  The 1977 catalog shows the the WTCPN model (replacing the WTCPL model).  This model would be in production for 5 years (1981), when it would replaced with the WTCP series model (same form factor) that featured many changes.

* New TC-201 soldering iron.  Plastic molded blue handle, black heater insulator, plug-in heater (EC-234), updated 3-pin iron connector (with twist lock).

* Power illuminated rocker switch changed from Carling TLG-Series Mid-Sized Tippette snap-in rocker switch https://www.carlingtech.com/sites/default/files/documents/TLG-Series_Details_%26_COS.pdf

to the Carling LRA-Series Curvette illuminated rocker switch.  https://www.carlingtech.com/sites/default/files/documents/LRA-Series_Details_%26_COS_0.pdf

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