Weller Soldering 1977 Catalog

Seven years after Copper Industries (Houston, TX) purchased Weller Electric Manufacturing from Carl Weller they published their November 1977 Product Catalog #600.


The Weller WTCP and WTCPL were discontinued in 1976, except for some late military orders.  I repaired a US Navy surplus WTCP station with a 1977 ink stamp inside TCP-1 iron.  The 1977 catalog shows the the WTCPN model (replacing the WTCPL model).  This model would be in production for 5 years (1981), when it would replaced with the WTCP series model (same form factor) that featured many changes.

* New TC-201 soldering iron.  Plastic molded blue handle, black heater insulator, plug-in heater (EC-234), updated 3-pin iron connector (with twist lock).

* Power illuminated rocker switch changed from Carling TLG-Series Mid-Sized Tippette snap-in rocker switch https://www.carlingtech.com/sites/default/files/documents/TLG-Series_Details_%26_COS.pdf

to the Carling LRA-Series Curvette illuminated rocker switch.  https://www.carlingtech.com/sites/default/files/documents/LRA-Series_Details_%26_COS_0.pdf

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8 Responses to Weller Soldering 1977 Catalog

  1. Harry McNally says:

    Hi Greg
    Rather late to your post but I have a WTCP Series that I must have purchased in the 70’s in Australia with a back label
    P.O. Box 366, ALBURY, NSW
    It has a mid-sized illuminated rocker switch (not the wide separate switch and lamp) which I have also seen on some WTCP on EBay in the USA. Still in use but what brought me here was finally deciding to replace the switch because it has been unlit for years. I haven’t found a Carling switch which is wide enough. I’d be interested if the original switch design is available so it continues to look classic.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi, glad to have found your site, I have read your advice with great interest.
    Do you have any classic Weller stations for sale?
    They don’t make ’em like they used to
    Many thanks!

    • Greg says:

      I usually repair a group of legacy Weller stations, then list on eBay.
      COVID-19 obviously disrupted this schedule, as I have a large group of working Weller stations (EC, WD series plus TCP) that I need to sell (storage now full).

      After repairing since 1975, I am going to retire from repairs in coming years.


    • Greg says:

      Yes, I have some classic WTCP series stations.

  3. Rob says:

    Hi Greg, thanks for the update. Are you able to share your ebay channel, so I can keep an eye.
    Also, which really is better – the classic wet sponge, or the newer brass wool.

    Thanks and atb

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