Disassembly of Weller iron handle

Weller standardized on the EC232 / TC218 style handle for many of its soldering irons in the early 1980s. This handle has been used for a variety of soldering irons and stations by Weller for the past 25 years. The design features a black heater insulator that permits the usage of plug-in heaters (EC234) as well as wired heaters (WCC102, HE40); and a cord strain relief design for 3 and 5-wire power cords (24 VAC or 120 VAC line voltage) Weller uses this handle design for the EC1201A (EC232); the TC201T (TC218); WCC101 (EC232); and SPG40 (orange colored) soldering irons.

Instructions for disassembly of Weller iron handles

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